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When it comes to our environmental impact, Generation is dedicated to leading by example. We hold ourselves to the same standards we expect from others.

Our Offices

Our first priority has always been to minimize the resources consumed by our business operations. Our offices are purpose-built with sustainability in mind.

Our New York office at One Bryant Park, is currently one of the most energy efficient, ecologically friendly buildings in New York, and the first skyscraper designed to achieve a "Platinum" LEED Certification for environmental excellence. In London, our building at One Vine Street was also expressly designed to achieve the highest standards in energy performance, and has been recognized as "Excellent" by BREEAM.

Sustainability was a priority in our search for new office space, and we selected both these locations on the basis of their groundbreaking achievements in green building design and execution.

Our New York and London offices feature insulating glass and heat recovery systems; automatic daylight dimming and efficient lighting; rainwater harvesting and extensive water management; waste recycling; and sustainable building materials. Wherever possible, recycled and recyclable materials were utilized, and we closely manage our building operations on an ongoing basis to prioritize energy efficiency and sustainable practices.

Carbon Neutrality

As a firm, we have committed to measuring and reducing our carbon footprint, and doing everything we can to minimize our emissions. We then offset all remaining, unavoidable emissions on an annual basis.

Business Activity

We offset all emissions from electricity use, commuting, and business travel on an annual basis.

Private Activity

Our environmental commitments extend beyond business operations to the personal emissions of our employees and families as well. We are committed as a group to reducing our carbon footprint, and Generation offers resources for helping employees maximize the energy efficiency of their homes. Generation also works with a portfolio of offset providers to ensure all the emissions generated by employees and their families outside the office are measured and neutralized. Each year, we voluntarily offset the entire carbon footprint of every employee, as well as the carbon footprint of any partners and/or children.