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Global Equity

Global Equity is Generation's flagship product. We invest in long-only, global, public equities with a concentrated portfolio of 30-60 companies. We invest in high quality businesses and management teams whose securities are attractively priced to deliver excess returns over the long term.

  • We Seek Out High Quality Businesses: Dominant market positions, strong entry barriers, predictable future pricing power, and secular growth trends
  • With High Quality Management Teams: Culture of integrity, respect for shareholders, well managed for the long term
  • At the Right Price: We believe that key to our success is the exercise of price discipline, we strive to buy companies at sufficiently attractive prices to deliver performance

Long Term Focus

Long term investing implies identifying companies with an enduring capability to create value and sustain competitive advantage. Generation believes investment results for long-only equity strategies are maximized by taking a long-term investment horizon because a majority of a company's value is determined by its long-run performance.

High Conviction Investing

A concentrated approach allows maximum leverage of an intense research effort. We make investments only when we have high levels of conviction.

Integrated Sustainability Research

Sustainability issues can impact a company's ability to generate returns and therefore must be fully integrated with fundamental equity analysis for superior long term investment results. Our research focuses on long term economic, environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities that can materially impact a company's ability to sustain profitability and deliver returns. We do deep bottom up fundamental analysis on companies based on primary and secondary financial and non-financial research. We also research sustainability themes that have the potential to impact the long term operating context for business. Key issues we examine include:

  • Climate Change
  • Pandemics / HIV/AIDS
  • Poverty / Real Needs
  • Water
  • Human Capital
  • Lobbying
  • Corporate Governance
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Bribery / Corruption
  • Demography / Urbanization

For more on our thematic research, see Addressing Global Challenges.