Since its founding in 2004, Generation has played an integral role in the development of sustainable investing and in demonstrating the long-term commercial benefits of this approach.

We will continue to invest according to sustainable investing principles and, through our Foundation, advocate for behavioural change in our industry and beyond.

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Sustainability Milestones Generation Milestones

Michael Lewis publishes "Liar’s Poker", a semi-autobiographical account of his time as a Wall Street bond trader, which influenced an assessment of the short-termism culture of the time.


Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) membership organisation UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association (UKSIF) launches.


John Elkington coins the term "Triple Bottom Line", a concept now widely used by organisations to measure their performance in economic, social and environmental terms.


Toyota unveils the Prius, the world’s first commercially mass-produced and marketed hybrid car. Nearly 18,000 units sold during first production year.


1995 Pensions Act in the UK is amended for SRI disclosure obligating trustees to disclose their position on SRI. This initiative has since spread to other countries.

Al Gore and David Blood Meet.

Al Gore and David Blood meet. Blood is the Head of Goldman Sachs Asset Management and Gore is exploring sustainable investing, looking into Sustainable Asset Management based in Switzerland.

"Changing Drivers" was published, co-authored by Duncan Austin at World Resources Institute and Colin le Duc and Niki Rosinski at Sustainable Asset Management.


Generation helps to establish the Enhanced Analytics Initiative to support sell-side research into long-term sustainability risks and opportunities.

Generation launches its Global Equity Fund, its first with client assets investing in global sustainable companies in public markets.

UN PRI (United Nations Principles of Responsible Investment) launched. The PRI is a set of responsible investment principles for institutional investors.


Generation and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) announce a global collaboration to "find, fund and accelerate green business, technology and policy solutions with the greatest potential to help solve the current climate crisis."


Internet economy enters mainstream: OECD Ministerial acknowledges the increasingly critical role of the Internet in economies and society.

Generation launches Climate Solutions Fund I, the first fund of its Growth Equity strategy to invest in innovative, high-growth companies that are making an impact in the transition to a low carbon economy.


European SRI market reaches €5 trillion at the end of 2009, an increase of 87% over two years, dominated by institutional investors (92%).

FRC Stewardship Code is launched to encourage more responsible equity ownership; all UK institutional investors must state whether or not they follow the code.


Germany becomes one of the first countries to reach grid parity for solar in utility-scale (rooftop grid-parity reached in 2012).


One of the first Millennium Development Goals (MDG) is achieved: the percentage of the world’s population without access to safe drinking water is halved.


The Generation Foundation provides seed funding to the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), a US-based non-profit organisation, whose mission is to develop and disseminate accounting standards for sustainability to help public companies disclose material information to investors.

The Generation Foundation partners with Mercer and Stikeman Elliott for a research report on “Building a Long-Term Shareholder Base: Assessing the Potential of Loyalty Driven Securities”.


Generation launches Climate Solutions Fund II, the second fund of its Growth Equity strategy to invest in innovative, high-growth companies that are making an impact in the transition to a low carbon economy.

The Generation Foundation partners with George Serafeim of Harvard University for a research report on “Earnings Guidance: Part of the Future or the Past”.


UN COP-21 takes place in Paris, cementing a global commitment to limit global temperature rise to less than 2 degrees.


Scientists declare the beginning of human-influenced age as the Anthropocene epoch, and the extinction caused by homo sapiens as the Anthropocene extinction (the Sixth Mass Extinction) as fundamentally different than the previous five.

The Financial Stability Board Task Force on Climate-related Financials Disclosures announces 'ambitious but practical' recommendations or reporting by organisations on financial aspects of climate change.