Asia Equity

Our investment strategy is focused on seeking to identify high-quality businesses with high-quality management teams that we believe offer a significant margin of safety from a valuation perspective*.

Our research based investment process leads to differentiated conclusions on the quality and long-term performance of the companies and management teams we invest in. In doing so, we believe that we meaningfully demonstrate the business case for sustainable investing. 

* Generation seeks to deliver superior performance, but there can be no guarantee this goal will be achieved.

Regional Focus in Asia

Long Term Business Dynamics
Asia is a major engine of growth and investment for global companies, and a deep source of new business development.
Sustainability Lens
Full integration of sustainability analysis leads to differentiated conclusions on the quality and long-term performance of Asian and Asia-exposed companies.
Global Perspective
With over a decade of experience as global investors and an established track record in Asia, we are able to delve deeper into business and management quality analysis. Integration and collaboration across the Global and Asia Equity teams leverages intellectual capital across both strategies.
(Asia Equity strategy was established in 2011)
Long Time Horizon
Unearthing companies with business models capable of succeeding in a dynamic, growth market requires patience and a long-term perspective.
High Conviction Perspective
We concentrate our focus on a select group of companies, follow them closely and understand the detailed nuances of their businesses.
Quality & Value
Our quality-focused framework allows us to be contrarian investors and our price discipline guides our thinking on entering, exiting and scaling portfolio positions.
60% of Global Population
Responsible Ownership
We engage with companies constructively in order to protect and enhance our investments, and provide guidance on areas where we have insight and expertise. Analysts vote their own proxies.
72% of Emerging Market Benchmark