Growth Equity

We are at the early stages of the next economic revolution. Rapid advancements in a wide range of technologies are resulting in a fundamental transformation of major industries, where sustainable and superior products are disrupting the status quo. We aspire to accelerate these disruptive forces.

Investment Approach

We invest globally in growth-stage businesses with proven technology and commercial traction, run by talented mission-driven management teams. We are active minority investors, providing growth capital to help accelerate market adoption.

Strategic Context

The first step in our investment process is to form a strategic view on how certain areas of the economy — such as an industry or a region — are expected to change over the long term.

We are interested in understanding the forces shaping company profitability and value in the future. Our analysis includes conventional drivers – such as market share, input cost pressures and changes in consumer tastes – in addition to broader sustainability challenges.

Our focus

We focus on innovations at the leading edge of the transition to a sustainable economy.

Smart Mobility
Sustainable Consumption
Energy Innovation
Industrial Efficiency
Food System Transformation