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Climate Solutions Strategy

Generation launched the Climate Solutions strategy in 2008, seeking to capitalise on opportunities to invest in growth stage private and publicly listed businesses that are generating value by contributing towards the transition to a low carbon sustainable economy.

The Opportunity

Generation believes that the transition to a low carbon sustainable economy is steadily progressing. Resource scarcity, volatile commodity prices, extreme weather events, climate change and an unprecedented rise in numbers of the global middle class, means that sustainability and solutions which drive productivity—enabling us to do more with less—are more urgent than ever. We believe that sustainability is an imperative which extends across the whole economic system thereby creating significant investment opportunities.

The Climate Solutions strategy seeks to invest in businesses that create value by enhancing resource productivity while reducing pollution, waste and emissions.

Investment Strategy

The Climate Solutions strategy seeks to make predominantly minority equity investments, with an emphasis on European and North American businesses. The strategy entails investing in both private and listed growth stage companies that have demonstrated commercial traction.

Key sectors of focus include, but are not limited to:

  • Agricultural and Forestry Solutions
  • Behaviour Change
  • Bio-based Fuels, Plastics and Chemicals
  • Building Efficiency
  • Consumer Solutions
  • Efficient Power Storage and Distribution
  • Industrial Efficiency
  • IT and Data Efficiency
  • Recycling, Re-use and Resource Sharing
  • Renewable Energy
  • Sustainable Mobility
  • Smart Water Solutions

Strategic Value for Companies

Generation provides growth capital which can help companies scale and deploy their solutions, while offering access to a global research platform dedicated to understanding long term business, economic and sustainability challenges. Generation is committed to long-term value creation and strives to be a strategic partner for businesses. We provide business-building expertise, access to Generation’s investment, corporate, NGO and sustainability networks and a long term strategic perspective and commitment to our portfolio companies.