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Addressing Global Challenges

We believe that the prevalence of short-termism in capital markets is the key reason that many investors pay insufficient attention to sustainability issues, such as climate change, corporate governance or human capital management. A key element of Generation’s research is in understanding global challenges. Since inception, we have conducted primary research on several global themes which we believe may have material implications for businesses and investments.

Generation executes on its robust research platform to seek out those companies that we believe to be managed for the long term. Through integrating sustainability research with traditional financial analysis, we are able to identify companies whose current earnings are not borrowing from future earnings, or from the future well-being of society. A company’s long-term sustainability is further enhanced if its business is directly meeting some of the world’s greatest challenges.

We are pleased to share a selection of our research in order to illustrate how we approach sustainability issues in the context of investing.*

*This is not intended to serve as an up to date source of factual information.