Our firm

Generation is a pure-play sustainable investment manager. It is all we do. It is all we will ever do. Since its founding in 2004, Generation has played a pioneering role in the development of sustainable and environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing.

Our mission is to ensure that sustainable investing drives the transformative change required for a net zero, prosperous, equitable, healthy and safe society.

This mission also unites our global client base of asset owners, for whom we manage more than USD 36 billion (as of 30 June 2021).

Generation is also a Certified B Corporation. B Corps are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. B Corps are accelerating a global culture shift to redefine success in business and build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

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Sustainable investing

We see long-term investing as best practice and sustainability as the organising construct of the global economy. We use ESG factors as tools to evaluate the quality of businesses and management teams.

We believe this approach reveals important and relevant insights which other investment frameworks may leave undiscovered – and that these insights ultimately lead to superior, risk-adjusted investment results.*

This makes us think differently about what drives and influences the performance of companies. It compels us to ensure that rigorous sustainability analysis is fully integrated into every investment decision we take.

*Generation seeks to deliver superior performance, but there can be no guarantee this goal will be achieved.

About us

Our mission

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We are a mission-led firm. Our mission is to ensure that sustainable investing drives the transformative change required for a net zero, prosperous, equitable, healthy and safe society.

Our leadership

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Our firm is made up of a diverse group of more than 100 individuals connected by our mission. Across the team, this shared ambition creates a high degree of alignment, as well as a one-firm culture of collaboration and constant challenge.

Our operations

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We are an investment management firm dedicated to sustainable investing. We do not just apply this lens to our investments. Transformative change requires individual and collective action on many levels. We apply this lens to our operations and behaviour.

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Our values


Integrity and honesty are the bedrock of our business. We expect the highest ethical standards in our work and in our personal lives.

Commitment to clients

We are committed to providing exceptional client service – above all by delivering long-term performance and by ensuring that our interests are aligned with those of our clients.

Excellence & innovation

We aim for excellence in all that we do, and ensure that our investment processes encourage rigorous research, curiosity and continuous learning. We believe inter-disciplinary, diverse teams are the most likely to yield new insights and produce the best results for our clients over the long term.


Teamwork underpins our one-firm culture. We consider each of those with whom we work as individuals entitled to respect and dignity, and we recognise and reward their contributions on the basis of merit.


Effective communication is critical to teamwork and to our relationships. We encourage and value hearing different viewpoints and respectful challenges to consensus opinions.


Diversity, in the broadest sense, helps drive our success. A welcoming work environment, where individuals can bring the totality of their experience and perspectives, is an invaluable contributor to greater economic success.


Our investment philosophy, which integrates sustainability research with traditional financial analysis, affords us the highest opportunity to deliver outstanding investment results.


We have chosen an independent, private owner-managed partnership as an enduring business model. Similarly, we are committed to remaining a boutique investment firm focused on continual improvement in our performance.

Responsible citizenship

We recognise and accept our responsibility to live in accordance with our values; to be responsible to the communities in which we live and work, and to the world community. We aim to reduce our environmental footprint where possible; we are mindful of ways to help our employees fulfil their personal responsibilities, and we actively encourage philanthropic engagement.

Sustainable capitalism

Through engagement with our clients, our portfolio companies and the broader financial markets, we strive to promote a more sustainable form of capitalism. The Generation Foundation is an important element of this work.