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What we do

Since its founding in 2004, Generation has played an integral role in the development of sustainable and environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing. We take a long-term perspective and fully integrate sustainability research within a rigorous framework of traditional financial analysis.

We are guided by two core beliefs:

  • Much of the value of companies derives from their long-term performance

  • Sustainability factors have a material impact on companies’ returns over the long term

We operate four complementary strategies investing across public and private equity: Global Equity, Asia Equity, Growth Equity and Private Equity.

Our strategies

Global Equity

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We invest globally in a concentrated, high-conviction portfolio of public companies. We regard the integration of sustainability analysis into every investment decision we make as key to long-term performance.

Asia Equity

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Our Asia Equity strategy was established in 2011 as a way to delve deeper into business and management quality analysis in a region that is a major engine of growth and investment for global companies and a deep source of new business development.

Growth Equity

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We invest globally in growth-stage, private companies with proven technology and commercial traction, run by talented mission-driven management teams.

Private Equity

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We invest in sustainable companies which are likely to be sufficiently established that we believe that they could be publicly listed, however, their management teams would prefer to be supported by private investors with an aligned, long-term perspective.


Stewardship is an integral part of our approach to investment. It is simply not possible to take a truly long-term investment approach, and fully integrate sustainability, without being an engaged investor.

Across all our strategies, we engage with portfolio companies to protect and enhance the value of our investments, to provide guidance on issues of sustainability where we have insight and expertise, and to nurture ambition.

At public companies, we also vote our proxies after careful case-by-case review, drawing on analysts’ knowledge of the company and the status of our engagement.

In our private equity strategies, we are frequently involved in the hiring of board and management team members, or indeed serving on boards ourselves. We play an active role supporting long-term value creation and building out sustainability capabilities.

Our mission to ensure that sustainable investing drives the transformative change required for a net zero, prosperous, equitable, healthy and safe society. This requires engagement beyond the companies in which we invest. We therefore seek to collaborate with and motivate others, including our clients and the broader financial markets.

We know there is more to do if our mission is to be realised. We are acutely focused on the imperative to avert catastrophic climate change and to limit the global average temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Stewardship & Engagement Policy

Here we describe in more detail our policy on stewardship and particularly how we comply with our obligations with regard to shareholder engagement with public companies.

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Proxy Voting Principles

Here we detail guidelines that offer an indication of Generation’s voting principles that are consistent with the values and mission of the firm.

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Stewardship Report

Here we outline the ways in which, in the most recent calendar year, we have implemented the principles of the UK Stewardship Code as signatories.

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