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5 mins read time 09 Oct 18


Our Long-term Equity strategy’s first investment was in FNZ. We invested in 2018. FNZ is a software and services platform providing operations for companies in the global savings and wealth management industry. FNZ seeks to democratise wealth creation in a way that benefits people and planet – by driving a shift to more sustainable capital allocation, while reducing the cost to serve customers.

Our Value Add

As a long-term, mission-driven investor, Generation has established a unique partnership with FNZ. We serve as strategic advisers to the company and on the Board. Generation also supports key executive hires, helps FNZ to deliver M&A and unlocks commercial relationships.

We partnered with FNZ to launch an entirely new sustainability data product, FNZ Impact. FNZ Impact embeds corporate impact data into the infrastructure behind wealth managers’ retail investor platforms. It makes data on the impacts of individual investment portfolios transparent. For the first time retail investors can see financial results as well as the sustainability impact their investments are having on the world.

FNZ Impact does not just make impact data transparent; it powers action. With FNZ Impact, retail investors can change their investment allocations, have their say on corporate behaviour and offset their portfolio’s carbon footprint. Asset managers can likewise leverage FNZ Impact insights to assess their alignment with investors’ sustainability goals. With both ends of the value chain leveraging the same data set, we believe FNZ can power the shift toward more sustainable capital allocation.

Since its launch in 2021, FNZ Impact now powers more than GBP 175 billion of assets (source: FNZ, 2023). FNZ, which is headquartered in the UK, has more than USD 1 trillion in assets under administration and serves customers in over 30 countries (source: FNZ, 2023).

In 2022 CPP Investments and Motive Partners joined us by investing in FNZ.