Just Climate Announces Natural Climate Solutions Strategy and Opens First International Office in Brazil

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26 Sep 23

London, 26 September 2023

Just Climate, an investment business established by Generation Investment Management to address the net-zero challenge at scale, today announced its expansion to natural climate solutions by establishing a dedicated investment strategy and opening an office in Brazil.

Consistent with its existing Industrial Climate Solutions (ICS) strategy, Just Climate’s Natural Climate Solutions (NCS) strategy aims to direct capital at scale globally to businesses that can generate highest climate impact and attractive financial returns.1 It will focus on avoiding emissions from agriculture, forestry and other land use (AFOLU), as well as sequestering emissions through restoration of soil, forests and wetlands.

The case for investing in nature is clear. Agriculture, forestry and other land use account for 23% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions today, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Natural climate solutions can deliver close to 7 gigatons of CO2 abatement per year, enough to achieve around one third of the 2030 net emissions reduction targets required by the Paris Agreement.2 Just Climate’s NCS strategy aims to bring the many climate-related benefits of nature together, from physical commodity production to carbon storage, while also contributing to biodiversity, pollination, nutrient cycling, and the quality and quantity of water provision. Now, more than ever, NCS offers investors an opportunity to back highest impact climate solutions while generating attractive risk-adjusted returns.3 Just Climate’s approach is well-positioned to offer institutional investors access to a sector that we believe is at a commercial tipping point.

Eduardo Mufarej will become the leader of this global strategy in the role of Co-Chief Investment Officer and Head of Natural Climate Solutions. He has more than 25 years of experience as an investor, executive and entrepreneur, including in private equity and climate solutions. The NCS strategy complements Just Climate’s existing Industrial Climate Solutions strategy, led by Co-Chief Investment Officer and Head of ICS, Shaun Kingsbury CBE.

To help deliver its new global strategy, Just Climate is opening an office in Brazil. Through its Brazil-based colleagues, Just Climate will enhance its capabilities and experience in key regions, such as Latin America, where many of the highest growth opportunities in natural climate solutions exist. Just Climate’s Brazil office will work closely with the firm’s London office as one global team.

Clara Barby CBE, Senior Partner of Just Climate, said: “We believe natural climate solutions are at a tipping point, and that an emerging ‘restoration industry’ can mirror the success of the renewable energy industry. We are delighted to welcome Eduardo to Just Climate’s global leadership and to develop dedicated natural climate solutions investment capability in Latin America and Europe.”

Shaun Kingsbury CBE, Co-Chief Investment Officer and Head of Industrial Climate Solutions at Just Climate, said: “Just Climate focuses on solutions that have the potential for outsized emissions abatement and attractive financial returns. A strategy focused on emissions from food, land and agriculture is the natural complement to our Industrial Climate Solutions strategy, for which we closed our inaugural $1.5 billion fund earlier this year. With Eduardo as Co-CIO, we can now cover the full range of solutions for the hard-to-abate industries. The industries we’re looking to shift the dial on are global in nature and our new team will help us to deploy capital across all regions.”

Eduardo Mufarej, Founder of Good Karma Partners, and Co-Chief Investment Officer and Head of Natural Climate Solutions at Just Climate, said: “Scaling natural climate solutions will involve building and growing businesses around the world that can advance sustainable agriculture, ecosystem restoration and durable carbon removal. The Global South has a key role to play, where both the growth opportunity and potential for impact are greatest. I am delighted to join Just Climate’s global leadership as we look to scale the platform.”


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About Just Climate

Just Climate is an investment business dedicated to climate-led investing to address the net-zero challenge at scale. Our ambition is to identify and invest in high-impact solutions for climate mitigation, as well as to catalyse and multiply capital to scale them. We seek to harness the power of institutional capital to accelerate, and to set a new standard for, climate-led investing.

Just Climate LLP is an appointed representative of Generation Investment Management LLP, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. For further information, please visit www.justclimate.com or ‘Just Climate’ on LinkedIn.

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  1. Just Climate seeks to deliver attractive risk-adjusted financial returns, but there can be no guarantee this goal will be achieved.
  2. McKinsey Sustainability (2021). Why investing in nature is key to climate mitigation. Available at: https://www.mckinsey.com/capabilities/sustainability/our-insights/why-investing-in-nature-is-key-to-climate-mitigation.
  3. Just Climate seeks to deliver attractive risk-adjusted financial returns, but there can be no guarantee this goal will be achieved.